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  • Statement of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II on the issues raised on the criminal cases filed against Senator Leila de Lima

    From the start, Sec. Aguirre has inhibited himself from all the cases in the DoJ involving Senator De Lima. Consequently, the call for him to inhibit himself from the cases has no more factual basis. Likewise, cases filed against Senator De Lima are all criminal in nature. Some of these cases involved illegal drugs. They are not politically motivated. It is wrong for Senator De Lima to refer to herself as a political prisoner. Drug cases do not involve one’s political beliefs. It involves one’s choice to be involved in illegal drugs. On the matter of jurisdiction, it is the RTC that has original and exclusive jurisdiction over the three cases, regardless of the high position of [...]
  • Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Early this morning, President Obama made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency with the signing of Executive Order 13738, which revokes the federal government’s official recognition of the Pledge of Allegiance. Under the new order, it is now illegal for any federally funded agency to display the pledge or for any federal employee to recite, or encourage others to recite, the pledge while on duty. This law also applies to federal contractors and other institutions that receive federal funding such as public schools. Individuals who violate this order can face fines of up to $10,000 and up to one year in federal [...]
  • Asked about Putin, Trump says US isn’t ‘so innocent’

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said he respects Vladimir Putin, and when an interviewer called the Russian leader "a killer," Trump said the United States has many of them. "What do you think? Our country's so innocent?" he told Fox's Bill O'Reilly in an excerpt released by the network. The president's interview was to air Sunday afternoon on the Super Bowl pregame show. Trump has long expressed a wish for better ties with Moscow, praised Putin and signaled that U.S.-Russia relations could be in line for a makeover, even after U.S. intelligence agencies determined that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign to help Trump win against Democrat Hillary [...]
  • Duterte says Kris asked him not to put Noy in jail

    MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said former President Aquino's sister, actress Kris Aquino, pleaded with him not to send her brother to jail. Duterte revealed this as he brought up again the Mamasapano clash, which claimed the lives of 44 elite policemen in January 2015. “Si Kris, nag-text, sabi ‘huwag mo naman ipakulong si Noynoy’. Sabi ko, ‘No Kris, I’m not out to find fault. I just want to know the truth,’” Duterte said in a speech in Pasay City. Duterte said he has no plans of sending Mr. Aquino to jail, even as he insisted on finding out why no reinforcements were sent to the beleaguered cops who were cornered by Muslim rebels and other lawless groups. “Wala [...]
  • In Germany, a Syrian Refugee Sues Facebook Over Fake News Posts

    WÜRZBURG, Germany — Anas Modamani, a Syrian refugee whose 2015 selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel came to symbolize her decision to allow hundreds of thousands of unscreened migrants into Germany, is seeking to prevent Facebook from allowing users to repost the image after it repeatedly showed up in fake news reports. The case is one of several high-profile cases against Facebook in Germany. Concern over nationalist and populist propaganda, as well as fake news, is growing in the country ahead of a general election scheduled for September. The German justice minister, Heiko Maas, has suggested holding Facebook accountable for hate speech posted to its site, and a [...]

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    10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast

    Relax. You deserve it, it's good for you, and it takes less time than you think. You don't need a spa weekend or a retreat. Each of these stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to om in less than 15 minutes. 1. Meditate A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress,” says psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health and wellness coach. It's simple. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on reciting -- out loud or silently -- a positive mantra such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Place [...]
  • Obese Couples Take Longer to Conceive, Study Finds

    Couples who are both obese may have a harder time conceiving a child than couples who are both at a healthy weight, researchers reported Friday. And obese couples struggle more with fertility than couples where only one person is obese, the team at the National Institutes of Health found. Women who are too fat or too thin have long been told they may find it harder to conceive, but this new study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, shows the effect is far stronger when both the man and the woman are obese. "Overall, obese couples were found to have approximately half the fecundability as couples with normal BMI," Rajeshwari Sundaram of the National Institute of Child [...]
  • Super Bowl Sunday Diet Tips: 7 Ways To Eat, Drink, And Be Healthy On Game Day

    Super Bowl Sunday marks the battle between two sets of rivals: the National Football Conference versus the American Football Conference; and us versus food. The steaming hot buffalo wings, cheesy nacho dip, and the endless rounds of beer all lead to a nutrition fumble on game day. However, adopting a few healthy tips can help us survive the Super Bowl spread, without sacrificing our taste buds. The game lasts for about four hours, with the average American eating more than 6,000 calories by the end of the day. This suggests people are mindlessly indulging in copious amounts of food. Rather than forfeit our New Year's resolution, kick off Super Bowl Sunday with this line-up of healthy [...]
  • Heart health tips with nutrition expert Joy Bauer

    February is American Heart Month. It also might be a good time to make the lifestyle changes necessary to help prevent the nation's number one killer, heart disease. Every year, in Anchorage, hundreds come out to support heart health at the Alaska Heart Run. This year's run is in April and all the money raised will benefit the American Heart Association and will help fund research and community programs. Another key component to good heart health is nutrition. The Today Show is kicking off a 3-day series today. Each segment covers 5 foods you should eat to improve different aspects of heart health. Joy Bauer is one of the nation’s leading health authorities and talked to Channel 2 [...]
  • Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent, study finds

    It turns out that having a little "junk in the trunk" is a good thing, health wise. Not only does having a larger derriere boost overall health, but it's tied to increased intelligence and lower risk of chronic disease, according to researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom. Fat distribution is important, say researchers, and if you're going to have some, it's best to have it below the waist, as it helps to serve as a barrier against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions linked to obesity. "It is the protective role of lower body, that is [thigh and backside] fat, that is striking. The protective properties of the lower-body fat [...]


  • Google and Facebook partner for anti-fake news drive during French election

    The first round of the French presidential election is due to be held in April. So it’s no coincidence that Google and Facebook are stepping up efforts locally to combat the circulation of so-called fake news as the democratic drum beat cranks up — partnering on a collaborative initiative aimed [...]
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro is finally going to do what it was meant to do all along

    When Sony launched the new PlayStation 4 Pro last year for $400, it came with the promise of better-looking games. You spend $400 — a $100 jump over the standard $300 price tag of the PS4 — and you get games that run faster, smoother, and better than ever before. That was the promise of the [...]
  • Tiny Satellites to Make Big Contributions to Science

    Tiny satellites, some smaller than a shoe box, are currently orbiting around 200 miles above Earth, collecting data about our planet and the universe. It’s not just their small stature but also their accompanying smaller cost that sets them apart from the bigger commercial satellites that beam [...]
  • Technology Will Replace Many Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

    Faced with the claim that AI and robots are poised to replace most of today’s workforce, most mainstream professionals — doctors, lawyers, accountants, and so on — believe they will emerge largely unscathed. During our consulting work and at conferences, we regularly hear practitioners concede [...]
  • Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology

    A generation ago, a “Kodak moment” meant something that was worth saving and savoring. Today, the term increasingly serves as a corporate bogeyman that warns executives of the need to stand up and respond when disruptive developments encroach on their market. Unfortunately, as time marches on [...]


  • Warriors schedule week 16: Kevin Durant returns to OKC for first time

    Kevin Durant has faced his former team twice already, and there wasn't much drama. The Golden State Warriors' margins of victory were 26 and 21 points, respectively. Durant's point totals were 39 and 40 points, respectively. The Oklahoma City Thunder are pretty good this season, perhaps better [...]
  • Westbrook powers Thunder past Blazers 105-99

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Another close game in the fourth quarter, another outstanding performance by Russell Westbrook. Westbrook scored 19 of his 42 points in the fourth quarter, leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 105-99 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. Westbrook also [...]
  • Weber signs with Warriors, and Heat wish him well

    MIAMI (AP) -- The Golden State Warriors are hoping to see big things from Briante Weber. So are the Miami Heat. Weber spent some time with the Heat last season, and was on Miami's NBA Development League team in Sioux Falls this season - until the Warriors struck a deal with him on a 10-day [...]
  • Cristiano Ronaldo still prolific but his role has changed at Real Madrid

    Cristiano Ronaldo is still one of the finest goalscorers around but the stats highlight his changing role. Guillem Balague takes a look at what's different for Real Madrid's main man... 2016 was a special year for Cristiano Ronaldo. He won the Champions League with Real Madrid and the [...]
  • Baseball and softball among five sports that will be added to Olympics for 2020 Tokyo games

    IOC vice president John Coates says the executive board was unanimous in its decision to recommend the addition of five sports to the program of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He says baseball-softball, surfing, karate, skateboarding and sport climbing were approved as a single package on [...]